IELTS Student Testimonials

IELTS Student Testimonials 4 March 2019

jonathanJonathan G (IELTS Score : 6.5) :

“IELC was so helpful for me when learning IELTS. IELC taught me how to improve my writing skill and it worked! My writing skills are so much better than before. Thank you IELC.”





pipitPipit Meilinda (IELTS Score : 7.0) :

“IELC is the best place to learn English in Solo. It not only has competent teachers but is also a comfortable place to study. I got so many extra materials and strategies to develop my English skills and I could easily schedule my courses. I feel so much more confident after taking IELC’s IELTS preparation course.”




jasonJason Julian (IELTS Score : 6.5) :

“Thank you IELC for helping me with my IELTS studies. I have so many good memories here. The teachers are helpful and friendly. The place is so warm and comfortable. I’m very satisfied with my result. Thanks to all the teachers here.”





IELTS Student Testimonials 22 January 2019

riki budi blog

Ricky Budi (IELTS Score : 7.0) :

“It was a great experience to take a course in such a good place. The atmosphere here is so nice and conducive for the learning process. The teachers are great and pro-active in encouraging students to reach their target.”





david halim blogDavid Halim (IELTS Score : 6.5) :

“Thank you IELC for guiding me through the IELTS test. This course was so helpful for me to improve my skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading.”






josep sofio blogJoseph Sefio (IELTS Score : 6.5) :

“I found that the IELTS course in IELC was so helpful for me to reach my target in the IELTS test. I feel much more confident in my English skills after taking my course at IELC.”






wellhan blogWellshan Wijaya (IELTS Score : 6.5) :

“I learned so many things at IELC. IELC is definitely the best place to learn English. It has many fun teachers and it is also so comfortable. I have met so many friends here and this is one reason why I really enjoy studying at IELC. The schedule is easy and flexible. I never found any difficulties while studying here. IELC has given me many fond experiences for my life.”




IELTS Student Testimonials


Marissa (IELTS Score : 8.5) :

“Ah, IELC. Where do I even start? I’ve been a part of this great place for a long time, and the staff members are like family to me. When I first did my IELTS test, I struggled a lot with my writing skills. I only just made it through the minimum standard needed to continue my university studies in Australia. It’s been over 5 years since my last IELTS test, and I did a re-test recently as part of my Australian PR, and Nursing applicatioan. I still follow the numerousadvice given to me by my teachers back then ( read the questions… plan out your essay..), and I was stoked when I found out that I got a perfect 9.0 in both listening and writing! So thank you. Thank you for all the advice, and for being awesome through all these years.”

VannyshaVannysha (IELTS Score : 8.5) :

“IELC gave me exactly what I was going to have in the IELTS test which helped me understand what I was supposed to prepare. I had a lot of fun learning with the teachers here. They are easy to converse with, whether about our experiences or common interests. Through those conversations, I got the practice that I need and also the useful tips and tricks. I am definitely grateful for the skills and confidence that I acquired during my time here in IELC.”


ValentinaValentina Kania P. Artari (IELTS Score : 8.0) :

“Learning at IELC is one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve had in my life. The materials given were extremely useful. The teachers are experts, they have not only mastered the English language, they have mastered the best way to explain the language skills to their students. The staff are also really helpful, they are friendly and were always available whenever I needed help. The facilities are also well-maintained, giving me a positive learning environment. IELC has taken such a great care of me. Overall, I’m truly satisfied.”

Nico-240x300Nico Hans Christian (IELTS Score : 8.0) :

“I choose IELC because it simply is the best. The flexible schedules and customized syllabuses help me improve my weaknes. The friendly staff and learning environment also create a productive atmosphere where i could keep my focus in my practices. Furthermore, the teachers are caring and give many helpful feedbacks that encourage me to push myself so that i could be better. I believe, with IELC, i can expand my capability and reach my full potential.”….