IELTS Reading Tip 3 : Time Management

In the IELTS Reading test module, you are given exactly 60 minutes to answer the questions and transfer the answers to the Answer Sheet. There are 3 reading passages each with about 700-800 words in length and around 13/14 questions that make a total of 40 questions. You do not get a penalty for a wrong answer so it is recommended to answer all the questions even when you are not sure about them.

It can be quite challenging to read the passages and try to answer all the questions in just 60 minutes. That is why you need to manage your time well. You should not spend more than 17 minutes for doing each passage so that you have remaining minimum time of 9 minutes after the three passages. It is better to skip some difficult questions to keep your pace during the test. The remaining time can be used to go back to the numbers you have not answered and to check your answers. You can also ensure that you do not leave any questions unanswered.

IELTS reading tip 3

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