IELTS General Tips

Are you taking the IELTS soon? Have you been preparing? Have you finished your preparations? Here are some things you need to remember :

  1. You have to plan for the test date in advance, at least 3 months before the actual scheduled test date. This will give you time to prepare and build your skills to achieve the bandscore you need.
  2. It is highly recommended that you get a tutor who can help you spot your weaknesses and overcome them. You are also advised to do a lot of test practices.
  3. One day before the test day, you should get enough rest and have everything ready for the test (ID card/passport, etc.). Do not overwhelm yourself with more studying at this point as it will only wear you out.
  4. Arrive early on the test day and focus your mind on the things you have learned and practised. Do not worry about the things you do not know or you have not learned.
  5. When you are doing the test, you need to be in “the moment”. Test takers get distracted the most when they worry about previous or incoming tasks instead of the task at hand.

IELTS general tips

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