Speaking Tip 2 : “Overcoming Nervousness”

Speaking in a second language with someone you just met in a test condition can be very challenging. For some people, this situation prevents them from showing their true language skills. Therefore, they do not perform well in the test and do not get their required bandscore.

Some tips to overcome your nervousness :

  1. The IELTS Speaking module does not test your knowledge but your English speaking skills. Do not worry if you encounter questions about something you are not familiar with. If you can express this in English, you will still get marks for it.
  2. The module has a specific format with parts that you can practise over and over again before the day of the test. Being familiar with each part and the common questions can help you relax and be more prepared.
  3. The examiners are professionals who have been trained to conduct the test in the most effective way. Be positive and try to have a real communication with the examiner during the test instead of just doing it as a test. Respond to all the questions willingly and in a friendly way.


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