IELTS Listening Tip : “Concentrating while Listening”

Answering questions in the IELTS Listening Module involves listening, reading and writing. Efficient listening occurs when you are concentrating on everything that is being said, especially when you hear words or synonyms of words that are in the questions. Sometimes you can allow yourself to relax a little and just ‘hear’ what is being said until you hear words in the questions, but you must not allow your mind to wander from the listening task.

Questions can be close together so you have to react quickly, but sometimes there are long gaps between questions and you have to make sure you are at least reading and listening as you wait for the answer to the next question. So part of the skill of listening is learning to ignore irrelevant detail as you listen.

– You have to read/skim the questions and write the answers.
– Note the maximum number of words that you need for each answer.
– Practice as much as you can and be aware of all the skills that are involved.


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